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in sauce

in sauce

Good to know

This bivalve mollusc can be found free or on the coast, stuck with a biso to rocks, stones or large algae. Chlamys vary in depths up to 100m. Its aspect is very similar to the scallop, but in a reduced size.

Native to the Galician estuaries, the months of September to December stand out as preferable for consumption.

Nutritional value 100g

Health benefits

Thanks to its vitamin B12 content, it contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system, reducing fatigue and fatigue.

Its phosphorus content contributes to the maintenance of bones and teeth under normal conditions.

Selenium contributes, among other functions, to the maintenance of nails, hair and thyroid function under normal conditions.

Its low saturated fat content contributes to maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels.

It is an ideal food for athletes as proteins contribute to the increase and preservation of muscle mass.


High protein content. High in Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA). High in vitamin B12. High in minerals such as phosphorus and selenium.
Source of iron and potassium.
Low saturated fat content.

– Zamburiñas in scallop sauce with beans –


– Zamburiñas in scallop sauce
– Beans
– Vinaigrette sauce


Cook some beans, mix them with vinaigrette and crush the mixture.

For the plate, pour a point of the bean cream on the base, place the zamburiñas on it in scallop sauce and decorate with a sprout.


Good to know

Sarria is an important town on the Camino de Santiago, as it is not only part of the French Camino de Santiago, but also a meeting point with the Camino del Norte.

In addition, many pilgrims start their pilgrimage in Sarria, since, being 114 km from Santiago, it is the last place where they can start and get the Compostela.

It is one of the most important cities in the province of Lugo, and there are archaeological remains that confirm human activity in prehistoric times.

In the Middle Ages, the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago became the motor of the locality from which hospitals, hermitages, bridges, inns… Attracting welfare institutions: «the Madalenos» in Sarria, the Templars in Santo Estevo de Barbadelo, etc.

Local landmarks

Fortress of Sarria or Batallón Tower
Ancient fortification of medieval origin from which a 14m high tower, popularly known as Torre del Batallón (Battalion Tower), has been preserved.

Monastery of Magdalena
The Gothic cloister and the Romanesque door that it preserves, together with the main staircase, constitute one of the most representative monuments of Sarria.

Church of Santiago de Barbadelo
This church dates from the second half of the 12th century and is built on the ruins of an earlier monesterium, which makes it appear in numerous medieval documents, including the Codex Calixtinus.

Áspera’s bridge
This bridge retains 3 arches from medieval times and directs pilgrims to the next stop: Portomarín.