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in pickled sauce

in pickled sauce

Good to know

Orange-looking bivalve with black and smooth shells. The mussel from our coasts reaches 8 cm. Galicia is the only producer in Spain and one of the largest in the world.

The cultivation of mussels in bateas is almost a symbol for Galicia and its estuaries.

Nutritional value 100g

Health benefits

Its high manganese content contributes, among other functions, to normal energy metabolism and the maintenance of bones under normal conditions.

Its high vitamin B12 content contributes to normal energy metabolism and the normal functioning of the immune system as well as reducing fatigue and fatigue.

It has a high phosphorus content which contributes to normal energy metabolism, normal cell membrane functioning and the maintenance of bones and teeth under normal conditions.


High in proteins and Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA). High in vitamin B12. High in minerals such as phosphorus, manganese and selenium.
Source of vitamin B3 and D.
Source of iron, iodine and zinc.
Low saturated fat content.

– Mussel in emulsion of its pickled sauce –


– Mussels in pickled sauce
– Mayonnaise
– Sprouts


We open the can of mussels in pickled sauce, remove all the pieces and reserve. Mix the marinade liquid with mayonnaise to make the emulsion.

For the plating, we add a spoonful of the emulsion on the container and on it we support the mussel and we decorate with a germinated one.


Good to know

Arzúa is recognized as the land of cheese. This protagonism is due to the D.O.P. Arzúa-Ulloa of the municipality of A Coruña.
Historically, the Codex Calixtino referred to this municipality as a key point for the construction of the Cathedral of Santiago for its ancient lime kilns.

At this point the north road and the French road meet. Arzúa is the last stage before Santiago.

One of the pilgrimage traditions is the one that takes place on the night of San Juan in the Wall of the stars.

Local landmarks

Chapel of Magdalena
This 14th century chapel was founded to cater for the arrival of pilgrims.

Galicia square
Arzúa’s point of reference is this square. Here you will find the Church of Santiago and several monuments such as Las Queseras.

Hermitage of La Mota
In the parish of Santo Estevo do Campo, hidden in the forest we find the miraculous 19th century hermitage.